Most People Don’t Deserve to Watch TV


TV has been a staple for the average westerner for many decades now. With all the “amazing” TV shows available today, and the ease of access to watching all of them with the likes of Netflix, people are more glued to their screens then ever (Don’t even get me started on smartphones!)

This doesn’t surprise me. People don’t want to do more work than they’re required to.

They work their 9-5, come home, and eat dinner in front of their TV or laptop. They may even “binge watch” and spend hours every evening consuming some mindless show.

And for what? This TV adds no value to their life. They won’t even recall what happened a few months later.

Most People Don’t Deserve to Watch TV

The truth is that most people don’t deserve to watch TV. They haven’t earned it.

They didn’t work hard. They sat in an office for 8 hours staring at a screen in an air-conditioned (or heated) environment. At home, they’ll sit in front of a screen too.

Here’s the dilemma: People say they like to rest and relax in front of the TV, but where is the rest and relaxation? Both an office job and watching TV require sitting and staring at a screen. So either both are work or both are rest.

I get that sometimes people actually put in honest labor, but most don’t. And that’s the type that are most likely to watch TV.

Get Rid of Distractions

Another reason to avoid watching TV is because you’re essentially locked in to spending hours and hours on a show. With a movie, you spend 2 hours watching something. With a TV show you have half a dozen seasons with a dozen episodes each. That’s at least 50 hours of TV!

Think of what can be done in 50 hours. Especially in terms of a business. It’s a no-brainer.

TV is a humongous time suck, at the top along with social media and internet surfing.

This is why I avoid locking myself into watching any one show. I’ll sit down every once in a while and flip on the TV and sit down for a half-hour. But I won’t lock myself in to many seasons of a single show.

This highlights the importance of subtraction, instead of addition, to improve your life. Doing more can often be problematic. In this case, doing less is the key to success and productivity.

Save the TV For When You’ve Earned It

One day, sure, I’ll enjoy all the TV I missed over the years. I’m waiting until I’m old and frail and can’t walk very good. And I probably won’t even wait that long. But that is when I have reached most of my goals and am satisfied in all aspects of my life. But to sit idly and watch TV while I haven’t reached my financial goals makes no sense to me whatsoever. 

And that should be the case with 95%+ of people. Yet it’s the opposite. The sharks of the world never stop moving and aren’t watching the latest “Game of Thrones” episode. But the lazy office worker is going to be binge watching after work.

Watching TV won’t help you reach your goals. Remember that next time you turn on your television.