Is the Recent Wave of Anti-Semitic Attacks a False-Flag to Demonize Trump?

Trump has been called every name under the sun: A bigot, racist, homophobe, transphobe, shitlord, etc. Of course, the label anti-semite will make its way into the conversation.

Despite having a daughter who converted to Orthodox Judaism, appointing his Jewish son-in-law as a senior adviser, nominating several Jews to cabinet positions and having great ties with Israel as seen with Netanyahu’s recent visit to DC, Trump is supposedly an anti-semite. Moreover, the left believes he’s encouraging anti-semetic behavior.

The reason this topic has risen up is because in the last day or so several Jewish Community Centers (JCC)  were evacuated due to bomb threats in several different cities. The MSM wants us to believe that Trump is encouraging this.

But is Trump really whipping up a storm of Jew haters? Or could it be a coordinated attack to defame Trump?

The latter is much more likely.

This became all the more obvious when Hillary Clinton got on the dogpile to tweet about Trump.

And it worked. Trump had to go out of his way to condemn anti-Semitic attacks, as if he was really hoping they would continue…

We just saw the coordinated attack against Milo. Why couldn’t there be coordination to create anti-Semitic hoaxes? Soros and other powerful elite have spent billions of dollars trying to get Hillary elected, flooding Europe with migrants, and demonizing Trump.Governments have killed their own citizens to create a justification for totalitarian policies–why wouldn’t it be possible to make a few fake calls?  It doesn’t take millions of dollars to call in a fake bomb threat to a community center, just a few interns.

According to CNN:

In all, 48 JCCs in 26 states and one Canadian province received nearly 60 bomb threats during January, according to the JCCA, an association of JCCs. Most were made in rapid succession on three days: January 9, 18 and 31. A number of JCCs, including Orlando’s, received multiple threats.

On Monday, another wave of bomb threats hit 11 JCCs across the country, bringing the total to 69 incidents targeting 54 JCCs in 27 states, according to the JCCA.”

The MSM is acting as if groups of white supremacists are plotting in their basements to kill Jews. In reality, it’s probably just a handful of people, or just one, making these phone calls, which makes sense based on the frequency of the calls.

I would not say most Jews are fans of Trump. In fact, Jews were the only ethnic or religious minority to vote Democrat in 2016 in greater numbers than in 2012. But not all Jews hate Trump.

I’m Jewish and supported Trump.

No one in my family voted for Hillary.

And we haven’t been victims of anti-semitism since Trump’s election.

When we start seeing Orthodox Jews beaten in the streets and synagogues set ablaze, then we have an issue. But to label Trump an anti-semite for telling a Jewish reporter to sit down is ridiculous, as is the idea he is encouraging people to bomb Jewish Community Centers.

The MSM, Deep State, and their allies have lost. Trump has been in office one month and they are throwing the kitchen sink at him. They’ll stop at nothing to defame him. Don’t let them fool you and distract you from real hatred.

  • Take The Red Pill

    My first thought when I heard the reports about these attacks and desecrations was that it could very well be ‘False Flag’ operations by the Leftists and other anti-Trump groups. There have been quite a few of them done by individual ‘SJWs’ and other Leftists ever since Trump was nominated, and especially since he was elected.

    • Seth Rose

      Yep, it’s going to become the “Boy who cried wolf” at some point, leaving real victims to suffer.

      • Because occurrences may be false flags does not mean that warnings and any potential injuries would go unheeded.

  • This is my sense also, that a group intentionally organized with an agenda is behind this. If this were not the case then there would likely be such attacks whenever Israel is involved in military action in Arab areas, and there isn’t.

    • Seth Rose

      Good point.

  • Liora51

    Your suggestion that Jews are doing this themselves bears a striking similarity to Trump claiming women accusing him of groping them were lying about him.

    • Seth Rose

      Correct. I believe those accusations were false.

      • Liora51

        You saw that the bomb threats were made by a man trying to impugn his girlfriend? And that he has been caught and charged. Does this in any way modify your opinion that this is a false flag op?

        Or will you file it with the Bowling Green Massacre and Comet Pizza Pedophlia Ring conspiracy?

        • Seth Rose

          I have to, at least to some extent! Though one has to admit that the MSM wanted these threats to be blamed on a white supremacist, alt-right figure, not a Bernie Sanders supporter. Hopefully we can find out who is making the rest of these threats, not to point fingers, but rather to stop people from making bomb threats!!