Pro Niche Site Review: How to Make Money Online with Niche Websites

In late 2014 I had the brilliant idea to start a new niche website in skincare. I figured that skincare was a popular niche and that since I had extensive experience suffering from acne, I could create a website that would yield me some decent money each month.

Well, almost three years later, that website brings me a few peanuts per month. This is in spite of more than 4,000 visitors per month. I should be making a lot more. Granted, I have a few more websites, but there is still a long way to go.

Making money with niche sites is not a bad way to make money. In fact, it is a fantastic way to make money online.

The problem was that I didn’t have good guidance on how to be successful with niche sites and was left to flounder.

The Importance of Transparency in Online Business

I remember reading one article years ago by someone who claimed to have sold a niche site for around ~$10,000. But when I clicked the link it was a blank site…

Most people online are bullshitters.

They hide behind their anonymity and make bogus claims.

Fortunately, there are some guys out there who are completely open and honest about their online endeavors. One such person is Kyle Trouble.

I recently had the chance to talk to Kyle on his new podcast Dating Abroad. We had a good conversation about dating girls in Russia. Afterwards, we chatted a bit about his recent online projects, one of which is his Pro Niche Site course.

I of course have some experience with online business so I jumped at the chance when he offered me access to the course in exchange for a review.

Kyle’s Experience with Online Business

Kyle not only has a great website at This is Trouble, but he has also been transparent about several of his niche websites including Ukraine Living and Eastern European Travel.

You can tell a few things just by looking at these sites:

  • He knows how to make an aesthetically appealing site that will keep readers engaged.
  • There is a good mix of reviews and useful content.
  • Sales letters are written clearly and with a purpose.

There are a lot of other things that you wouldn’t notice just looking through the site. To get an inside look at his sites would be super helpful.

Fortunately, with Pro Niche Site, you’ll get just that!

You’ll see the backstory of why and how he decided to create these websites. In fact, you don’t even need to pay to learn those facts–they’re available in this FREE 6-Part Free Video Workshop he created.

What to Expect from the Pro Niche Site Course?

The first thing that impressed me with this course was the amount of content available. It is set up in sections designed to last over roughly 16 weeks. These lessons will be distributed once or twice per week, which gives you time to learn all the content and implement what your learn.

Each week is focused on a different aspect of online business, like design or content creation.

The first phase (Weeks ~1-4) will provide you with insight on how to pick the right niche and come up with content ideas.

The second phase (Weeks ~5-8) gives you the tools needed to start building up your site with content, including sales letters, as well as making the site look pretty.

The final phase focuses on getting results in terms of marketing, getting traffic and of course, making dough.

On top of that, for each weekly lesson, there is a list of action items that need to be completed. This is absolutely crucial for your success.

Too often guys get a hold of an info product, only to never apply anything they learned. Moreover, with these steps you won’t be confused at creating these websites, especially if technology is not your forte.

What Else You’ll Get–Direct Help from Kyle!

In addition to all the video, text and audio content you’ll get over the 16 weeks, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to work directly with Kyle.

This is huge and really important for niche websites.

The reason for this is that while there is a formula to successful niche sites, there are so many possible options for a website, but not all of them will be good ideas. It’s good to get feedback from an expert as you move forward with your business.

I didn’t personally have access to Kyle because I didn’t pay for the course. But I believe that you will be able to chat online and get direct feedback from Kyle. He even setup ‘Office Hours’ where he gives his undivided attention to the students of this course.

How Much Can You Make?

There are no pie-in-the-sky guarantees of making millions and retiring early. In fact, Kyle suggests a good target to shoot for: Making $100 per month per site.

That may not seem like much, but it can go a long way. And when you have multiple niche sites, making several hundred dollars per month, it will help you reach those goals of financial independence much sooner.

Is Pro Niche Site Worth the Cost?

While the $297 price tag may seem steep to some, it is perfectly reasonable considering you can make that back in a couple of months.

Think about it: If you make $100 per month with your new niche website, you will make that money back in just 3 months.

In fact, if you only make $25 per month from your website, you would break even after just one year.

I am a firm believer in building websites to make money. Compared to traditional investment vehicles like stocks and real estates, websites offer much better returns.

Like G Manifesto said, just run the numbers:

$1000 invested into the stock market may yield only $80-100 in the first year. Niche websites on the other hand could easily yield that in a month, and should easily do so if you follow these steps.

Niche websites also offer the coveted “passive income”. Passive is in quotes, because you had to work to set the website up, but once it is up and running you can put in little to no work at all and still make sales and commissions week after week. It is definitely the endgame to aim for when it comes to making money online.

What’s the worst case scenario?

First of all, if you feel like building niche websites is not for you, the Pro Niche Site course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

And if you do decide to go through with the course, the worst case scenario is you have a dud website that only makes $10 per month. If you really wanted to, you might be able to flip that website on Flippa for a $250+, so again, close to a break even.

Start With This FREE Video Course!

If you’re not ready yet to join the Pro Niche Site course, check out these six videos. They’re fantastic and totally FREE!

Watch those thoroughly, take notes, and then if you would like to get even more great information you can join the course once you’ve finished the videos.

These videos are not gimmicky, nor are they generic. As someone who runs several websites, I learned a few new things from just these free, six videos!

If you’re new to making money online, this free course will help a ton.

In fact, because Kyle works directly with his students in Pro Niche Site, you’re probably going to have to start with just the video course (depending on when you’re reading this).

I am not exactly sure when the next round of enrollments will open, but I believe it will be within the next week or so.

Because Kyle works so closely with the students enrolled in Pro Niche Site, it is not practical to have too many students. He’d have way too many people to work with at once and would deprive of the students the direct assistance they were promised.

For now, you can get on the mailing list and check out the video course below:

Click here to access the FREE 6-Part Free Video Workshop!