Monthly Round-Up: September 2017

Hey guys,

Here are a few great articles (and a video) that I enjoyed this month. They are mainly focused on politics. Enjoy:

Top Content of the Month

Forget Meditating Just Go for a Swim by Ryan Holiday. I’m starting to question all the hype about meditation. Why not just do activities that allow you to focus intently, but actually build or improve on something, instead of just mindlessly sitting.

A Quick Method to Generate Niche Site Articles. I’m loving Jamie McSloy’s niche site articles. This is a good article for guys looking to start up a site and pump out a lot of content.

Can Democracy Survive Tribalism? As the USA descends into hatred and division, the future of the nation is in jeopardy.

Disadvantages are the Source of Israel’s Economic Strength. Why our countries without natural resources, like Israel, successful economically.

The Abortion Debate (Video) This is a good “mock” debate about abortion between Stefan Molyneux and Steven Crowder. Both guys make great points–points which you can use in your own discussions (Though talking about abortion is not fun or recommended.)

Please enjoy those articles (and video)!

If you have any other cool articles please share them below.