Live as if You are Always Being Judged

judgeJudgement strikes fear into the hearts of many westerners today. If they sense they are being judged they will strike back with:

“Don’t judge me man!”

“Only God can judge.”

And other generic platitudes.

Judgement used to be an ingrained part of human society. And with judgement came shame.

If someone stepped out of line they would be shamed. This kept people in their place.

It kept them humble.




Today, no one wants to hear it. Everyone is a genius. Everyone knows best.

“Religion is stupid!”

“Free love man! Don’t judge me for who I am.”

“My body. My rules!”

I judge others. We all do. It’s part of human nature.

But judging people doesn’t get us very far. If we want to succeed we need to judge ourselves.

Why You Should Judge Yourself

Acceptance lines the path to mediocrity. When people get satisfied with their health, fitness, finances, relationships etc. that is when things can go downhill quickly.

Our endeavors require a lot of attention and focus. Judging our actions and thoughts towards these endeavors is the only way to succeed. It forces us to regularly evaluate our progress.

Liberals today would tell you not to be ashamed of any depravity you have. In fact, it is glorified!

Why work hard when you can sit on the couch and get welfare?

Why lift weights and eat healthy when “Big is Beautiful”?

Society stopped judging many years ago. They won’t hold you accountable. Only YOU can hold YOU accountable.

And boy it ain’t easy.

You aren’t just going to magically sit down every day and rattle off a checklist of your accomplishments. Life gets in the way too often.

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When you see that you failed to accomplish your goals, you’re going to be disappointed with yourself. This app will help you keep your life in order and prevent you from capitulating to weaknesses.

And don’t wait until 2018 to start with your New Year’s resolutions. Start today! Because if you don’t you may never start.

  • steve

    i agree with the premise of this article but I also think you can take it too far where you feel you can never relax or let up. I am a perfect example…I’m my own worst critic, and I’ve had many goals I want to achieve and feel that I cannot relax or be happy until those goals are met. I’m always frustrated what I haven’t yet done and I cannot remember the last time I was truly happy…. trust me, its not a way you’d want to live

    • Seth Rose

      That’s a good point. This article was pretty one-sided and being overly obsesses has drawbacks no doubt. That said I would prefer to err on the side of going too far than slacking.