How to Make Hundreds of Dollars From a Single Product Review

how to make money writing reviewsDoing affiliate sales for books is not a highly lucrative business. And when you’re doing it through Amazon, forget about it!

When I started Masculine Books, I knew it wasn’t going to make me rich. That wasn’t my intention.

Since starting the site, however, I have made some decent coin on a couple of reviews. I’d like to show you how I did it.

The two book reviews that have made me hundreds of dollars.

You’re probably familiar with the Pareto principle, or the 80/20 theory. The idea is that 20% of actions, ideas, investment etc. will account for 80% of results. With sales, I have no doubt this holds true. In fact, for Masculine Books that ratio is much higher, closer to 90/10 or 95/5.

For this article I want to focus on two of my top selling (affiliate) books: ‘How to Get Laid on Tinder’ and ‘How to Fuck Women Properly’, both by Will Freeman.

Here are my affiliate sales:







(Will has changed affiliates several times…)

Okay so around $670 for two book reviews over a period of 1.5-2 years. Not bad.

And here are the books:

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Right off the bat, you should notice two things:

  1. They both have ‘How-To’ in the title.
  2. They’re about sex.

Both of these are incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful details that should be noted.

Putting ‘How-to’ in the title was deliberate. Writing ‘How-To’ articles is a smart way to get traffic (Read: How to Get Millions of Readers by Mastering this Fundamental Skill), but putting it in a book-title works well too.

It’s simple: When someone Googles ‘How to Get Laid on Tinder’ Will’s book will be up there.

The second aspect is crucial as well.


This is something you must understand.

I don’t inundate my sites with info on sex and dating because 1.) I’m not an expert on it and 2.) It’s not what my sites are about. That said, I add them when appropriate, and they drive a lot of traffic (relatively) to me.

Let’s revisit the first part: ‘How-To’.

SEO Is Important

I hated hearing the term ‘SEO’. So much so that it would make me cringe. It always struck me as some internet hustle and to an extent it still is.

That said, you must learn to embrace SEO if you want to get traffic to your sites.

This doesn’t mean doing ‘Black Hat’ or ‘White Hat’ or whatever bullshit techniques are out there. It simply means making sure your title, keywords, headers etc. are done properly.

A simple way to do this is to use the ‘Yoast SEO’ plugin. It’s full proof and easy to use.

It seems to work well for me.



As you can see, I have the first three places on Google for ‘How to Get Laid On Tinder by Will Freeman’, and the first for ‘How to Fuck Women Properly by Will Freeman’. I don’t know exactly how many searches it gets per month, but I get a few hundred hits each on the reviews.

(Note: I actually wrote freelance articles for a website which happens to be on the first page for those books on Google after giving the owner some advice. I should’ve kept the secrets myself!).

Getting People to Buy

I’ve been a freelance writer, dabbling with copywriting, since November of 2014. I like to think I’m a pretty good writer. However, when I write reviews I don’t push the sale. Rather, I just give an honest review of the book.

This is important.

When I do freelance writing, or did work on my acne niche-site, I’m less honest. I don’t care about credibility because it’s all about money.

Here? (And with Masculine Books).

I care about who reads my work. I genuinely want to help men improve their lives, and it is essential that I give honest feedback.

On top of being honest, you should actually know and use the product you’re selling. I wouldn’t have sold as many copies of ‘How to Get Laid On Tinder’ if I didn’t actually use Tinder.

In ‘Tinder: My Thoughts and Experience’ I dish out my successes and frustrations with this popular dating app. Being able to post screenshots of actual conversations looks better than telling people what happened.

Understand Supply and Demand

I hope you understand supply and demand. Though it’s used in a broader economic sense, it’s important for selling products as well.

When it come to affiliate marketing, or selling your own products, you want to find a market where:

  1. The Demand is High, and
  2. The Supply is low.

To the second point this can mean either there is little information out there, or there is a lack of product which can be a lucrative opportunity in itself.

In my case, there was a high demand for Will’s books, or at least their content, but not enough people writing reviews on them. Therefore, my sites reaped the reward.

There are plenty of other case studies out there.

Mike C. From Danger and Play has a great example:

Laugh all you want, but this Joe Rogan Kale Shake post has earned me over $25,000 in passive income.

Joe Rogan (a celebrity authority, see above) made a kale shake. People think Joe’s cool and he looks good. They went to Google to find out what Joe did.

They found Fit Juice, and I sold them books, juicers, and blenders.

See how this works?

  • Mike found something and tried it.
  • He found it useful, so he shared it with the world.
  • There was no one else writing about it so he got traffic.
  • $$$$

Chris from Good Looking Loser has another example: Penis pumps! (Links are NSFW so just search for them yourself through the link just above).

A lot of guys want big dicks, but they accept their size for what it is. Chris didn’t want to so he learned everything there is to know about Penis Enlargement (PE).

He tried numerous different techniques and products and found success with the Bathmate. Not only are other guys not writing about, let alone using, penis pumps, but Chris posted pics of his dick online! That’s dedication…and it sells. A lot!

So again, we have the same formula:

  • Chris found something and tried it.
  • He found it useful, so he shared it with the world.
  • There was no one else writing about it so he got traffic.
  • $$$$

Voila! So simple.

Build Relationships and Stay In the Know

The only reason I sold these two books was because I talked with Will a bit via email. In fact, he helped me set up Masculine Books, so I wanted to make sure to prominently feature his books. It paid off.

Getting to know guys in this part of the internet is certainly helpful. At the very least, just read their sites. Find out what they’re selling, and become an affiliate.

For example, I just bought some Red Monkey (No affiliate) through Red Supplements after reading about Chris from GLL and Victor Pride advertising it. I will then write a review of it after I try it. Boom!

There are also a lot of guys selling ‘Happy Hippo’ Kratom (Owned by Chris). They offer a 20% affiliate commission and I imagine that people buy a decent amount of Kratom per shipment (Sign Up Here).

He even wrote a step-by-step guide on how to become an affiliate for Happy Hippo.

You don’t have to buy and use Kratom if that’s not you’re thing, but it should give you a good idea of what to pursue.

What to Look For in Affiliate Products

A big reason I’ve made a few hundred dollars off the two book reviews is because of their price tag and affiliate commission. The books are $30 and give a 75% commission. That’s pretty darn good compared to $10 ebooks on Amazon which gives a 4-8% commission.

In fact, putting the two head to head, I make 37.5 times more when I sell one of Will’s books! (That is, $0.60 for a $10 Kindle book and $22.5 for Will’s $30 book.)

The choice of what to sell is obvious.

In fact, I don’t even care about selling via Amazon. I’m going to read those books anyway because I enjoy them, and simply include an affiliate link to make a few peanuts if someone decides to buy.

When looking for what products to sell you want to look for two things

  1. The Price, and
  2. The Commission.

The higher for both the better.

Certain products with a price tag that are too high for your audience won’t work. It plays into being honest, and not selling some ripoff product to make a quick buck from readers.

Really think deep about what you can sell.

For example, just the other day I read an article from Robert at 30 Days to X. He mentioned how he wrote a review for a Japanese language course he used. Well, I’ve been studying Russian for a while now and lately have been using RussianPod101.

I went to their site, checked for affiliates, and I saw that they give a 20% (or 25%??) commission!

This is how you have to think.

Niche vs. General Web Sites

If you’re going to sell you need a platform. The case studies I showed above would not have even a fraction of those sales had they not spent years building up a big audience.

But is a big audience necessary?

This is where niche sites come in.

For example, let’s say you have a small blog, but want to write 10 posts on Kratom. It would seem off to have all these articles on Kratom selling a product when your general audience may not like that. That’s why I started Masculine Books, because this blog was getting inundated with book reviews and it was throwing the balance of content off.

That said, having a big audience with a general audience takes the cake easily. Having a site like Bold & Determined or Danger & Play gives you hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of readers to market to.

(Starting a website is beyond the scope of this article, but here are a few more benefits to blogging to consider).

Final Thoughts

I wish I had more examples to share with you. I make a few bucks a month selling Cod Liver Oil, which also falls into the category of ‘High Demand, Low Supply’, but it’s through Amazon. I have more time these days to work on my own projects, so I hope to have more examples to share with you in the future.

For now, start thinking about what you use or have bought recently, that has positively impacted you. There’s a good chance there’s any affiliate link out there. So get moving!

P.S. There’s a reason Will’s books so well: Because they’re fantastic! If you’re interested in learning more about the books, check out my reviews on them for more info. (How to Get Laid on Tinder ReviewHow to Fuck Women Properly Review).

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