Build Discipline, Create Habits, and Stay Organized: Video Guide

Discipline: The mark of a man who has life by the balls.

Discipline is something you need to build to achieve the things you want in life. Most people in this world don’t have discipline and it’s no wonder most people are mediocre.

Fortunately, discipline isn’t something you’re born with; it’s something you build. So how does one build discipline?

By creating habits.

Habits are not something you’re born with either; it’s something you create. So how does one create habits?

By staying organized. And how does one stay organized?

With spreadsheets.

If you don’t have a PC, Mac should have some sort of spreadsheet program (iwork??). And if you’re using Linux than you’re smart enough to figure this out.

Below is a video tutorial I’ve created for this topic. While I have all the information laid out here, I think it’s a good idea for people to have me walk them through this so that they can understand it better. It’s not rocket science, but it should help.



If you want more information, read on.

Weekly Schedule

discipline weekly

This is just an example

The first thing I have in this file is my ‘Weekly Schedule’. I have every waking hour of the day going vertically, and the days of the week going horizontally.

I use this for two purposes:

1.)    To record upcoming events and,

2.)    To plan my day to day activities

One thing that makes this a whole lot easier is to already have your days laid out. Assuming all 7 days are not totally different for you, than you can have a predetermined schedule for several days at a time. For example, if your Monday-Thursday schedules are the same, you can have everything laid out off to the side as you can see on mine as an example. When Monday-Thursday rolls around, simply copy and paste that line into the appropriate column, keeping any events that already exist.

While it may sound monotonous and boring to be doing the same things day in and day out, that’s the best only way to create a habit. Also, most people do the same thing day in and day out anyway (e.g. watching Netflix, jerkin it), they just don’t record what they do.

Our computers are a tool we use every day; you should take advantage of that for the sake of your productivity.

Your Daily Habits

disci daily

I originally got the idea for this concept from the Kratos Guide (See Further Reading).

One of the amazing things about that article is that it is one of the few, if only articles, that I can look back and say that it actually changed the way I live my life. I read numerous articles everyday; some helpful some not. Even the ones that are helpful rarely make me actually change a habit, or create a new one right away. It usually takes reading several articles about a subject to really make up my mind on something.

This article on the other hand had an immediate impact. I was sold right away and I’ve been implementing what I’ve learned from that article ever since, and I want to pass that on to you.

The image above shows a list of habits that I would like to complete every day (some less). The concept is simple: Mark what you did that day in green, and what you didn’t do in red. While this is a simple concept, it really forces you to think about your habits. You can observe where you’re falling short and where you are succeeding.

When you see red you are literally visualizing your failure. When bulls see red they get angry and charge; you will want to do the same. For me I often fall short on doing meditation. While it could easily be something I forget about doing altogether, after seeing all that red I know I need to get it together.

Other Ideas

disci web


You can create additional pages for any subject. The example above is a template I use for this blog.  I can write down ideas and a ‘to do list’ (this page is not blank, the information is hiding below).

What I love about this is that it is simple, but effective.  This is nothing revolutionary, but I think that this can be very helpful.

There are tons of articles about all kinds of activities that we should be doing every day, but if you don’t have the discipline to do any of them, than all that information is rendered useless; build your foundation first.

(Download this Sample spreadsheet for your own use.)

I highly recommend that you start today, because tomorrow soon becomes next week, then next month, then next year, and then never.

I hope you guys found this useful. Good luck and post any questions below.


Further Reading/Resources

16 Habits You Should Do Every Day: As I mentioned earlier, this article left a profound impact. It’s a MUST READ.

30 days of Discipline: I have not read this book yet as I’m happy with my day to day habits and so I hesitate to recommend it (No, it is not an affiliate link), but the praise for this book is too exceptional to ignore. If you lack discipline, than this will probably be the best $10 you ever spent.