Seth’s College Guide

Hey Guys,

I want to outline some resources from this site and others for you to succeed in college both academically.

First, check out my book Grades and GirlsIn it you will find my thoughts and experiences about my four (and a half) years spent in college. It focuses on getting laid, study habits, lifetstyle, choosing majors and much more. I really hope you enjoy the book; I certainly enjoyed writing it. Let me know what you think!

Click here to get your copy on Amazon.

Next, check out my College Success 101 Guide. There are are a myriad of different topics discussed over the period of 12 weeks that cover the full spectrum of college. It varies from my book as it is more didactic, whereas in my book it’s more stories and random advice.

Here’s the ‘syllabus’:

Week 1: Welcome and Introduction

Week 2: Setting and Achieving your Goals in College

Week 3: The Average College Student vs. Big Men On Campus/Players

Week 4: Greek Life or Independence

Week 5: The Role of Alcohol and Drugs in College

Week 6: The Introverts Guide To the College Social Scene

Week 7: Sex, “Dating” and Relationships

Week 8: Study Habits, Syllabus Hacking, Dean’s List and More

Week 9: Majors and Careers

Week 10: The College Lifestyle

Week 11: Travel Abroad as a Student

Week 12: Is College Worth It?

External Resources

While I have a lot to say and have a firm grasp of the college scene, I’d be lying if I said I had all the answers. With that said, I have links to other quality articles you should check out on this matter:

  1. Good Looking Loser’s College Misconception Series
  2. Strength by Sonny “College Articles

I think you’ll find those both very helpful.

At the end of the day I could write about every little nuance of college, but that won’t do you much good. The best remedy is for you to actually take action and use these articles as a guide to get you there.

If you have any questions hit me up and I’d be happy to help.



  • Hey dude – I appreciate you linking to GLL. Thank you very much, I’ll check out your site.. catch you around

  • Seth

    Absolutely, any time.