8 Great Podcasts for Men

podcast1Podcasting has really blown up in popularity of the past couple of years. It seems like every blogger worth their salt has started their own podcast (or YouTube channel).

In fact, I’d say that there are too many podcasts out there. Oftentimes I add podcasts to my Podcast Addict Feed, but then I just feel overwhelmed by all the material I need to listen to so they get deleted.

I’ve listened to quite a few podcasts, and have weeded out people based on several factors. These include quality of content, quality of audio, frequency of distribution, guests and more. So based on those factors, here are 8 of my personal favorite podcasts:

The Tim Ferris Show

tfsMr. Four Hour Workweek gets a bad rap sometimes. Say what you will about Tim Ferriss, but his podcast is superb. Not only does he bring on awesome guests like Arnold Schwarzangger, Neil Strauss and Scott Adams, but he also brings on interesting guests that you may not be familiar with like chess prodigy and author of the Art of Learning Josh Waitzkin.

These people are all incredibly fascinating, talented, hard-working and wealthy. The fact that we’re able to listen to these in-depth conversations is something that I’m sure many people take for granted. The podcasts really hit on every topic imaginable from startups, to psychedelics, to fitness, language learning, writing and more.

This podcast is different from other podcasts in that there is no time sensitive information given. He doesn’t talk about current events—the content discussed is timeless. Therefore, I suggest you treat this podcast as a course, and therefore start from the beginning. Work your way through listening to billionaires and best-selling authors and absorb as much information as you can going through the archives.

The Tom Woods Show

twsI’m not sure where I first became familiar with Tom Woods. Maybe it was reading his Politically Incorrect Guide to American History. Though more recently I read How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization—an excellent book, with a unique thesis.

Tom’s program has a somewhat narrow focus, following both current events, and longstanding political and economic issues from a libertarian perspective. He has a variety of guests on and is a great interviewer, always asking good questions to really expand on a topic.

Woods is a bright guy to say the least. He has degrees from Columbia and Harvard and really knows his stuff. I also appreciate the fact that he is a seemingly devout Catholic. Too often libertarianism is associated with secularism, and it’s nice to hear someone who defends Christianity.

There’s also Contra Krugman.

This is Tom Woods’ other podcast. It has a super-specific focus, that is, every week him and his partner tear through Paul Krugman’s New York Times column. It’s a great way to learn more about (Austrian) economics as the concepts are broken down for the layman.

Mike Cernovich Podcast (Danger & Play)

dppI’ve really enjoyed following Mike and D&P over the last few years. The variety of content he puts out has been a pleasure to consume, especially on the podcast. Although he hasn’t been putting out many podcasts lately, there are 100+ in the archives, full of topics ranging from Testosterone, finance, dating, breathing techniques, psychedelics and more.

My favorite episodes are the ones featuring Jay from FabFitOver40 where they discuss all things fitness, and other topics like networking, finance and dating. This is another show where you need to go back through the archives.

The Savage Nation

savageIf you haven’t listening to Michael Savage you’re in for a treat—maybe. My dad turned me onto his show a while back and since I’m a dedicated listener.

What makes Savage unique is that he is the only political commentator I can listen to. I can’t stand Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin. I hate watching cable news (though I find myself doing it quite often). And forget mainstream news.

As far as politics go he’s a nationalist. More simply, he was Trump before Trump came on the scene last year. Savage has been reaching ‘Borders, Language, Culture’ for years and Trump is finally taking that message and running with it. Trump is in fact an (in)frequent guest on the show, going back a couple years.

I suggest listening to a few minutes of his most recent show (whenever you read this). It’ll give you a unique perspective on current events.

Renegade Radio (The Jay Ferruggia Show)

hfsAs an analytical person, I’ve always struggled with fitness. I’m in pretty decent shape now, but it’s taken a lot longer than it should have. This is because the fitness industry is oversaturated with information—it’s hard to know where to start.

What sets Jay apart is that he provides no-nonsense, simple solutions to getting in great shape and being healthy. He is my go to guy for fitness and I now exclusively use his programs.

As for his show, he talks about much more than fitness, focusing on business, reading , relationships productivity and more. He has a lot of interesting guests on and I suggest digging through past episodes here as well.

The Joe Rogan Experience

jreThe Joe Rogan Experience has a cult-like following and for good reason. Joe has been regularly featuring awesome guests and always instills his own thoughts on every subject imaginable.  He’s a genuinely curious guy and that makes the show all the more interesting.

Joe is a funny dude—he is a comedian—making his podcasts entertaining. That said I don’t listen to the podcasts where he has comedians, as I prefer informative podcasts over entertaining ones.

Honorable Mentions

There are more podcasts out there you should check out. Here are a few more shows that I want to include, but either a.) Haven’t listened to long enough or b.) Inconsistent quality and production:

  1. Quintus Curtius Podcast
  2. Nomad Capitalist Live
  3. Tropical MBA

How to Listen to Podcasts

I don’t listen to podcasts all day long. Doing so would make my head hurt as having too much information consumed in one day can be detrimental. That said, whenever I have ‘idle time’, such as driving, sitting, doing busy working, stretching etc. I’ll throw a podcast on that’s in my cue.

I also like to have a pen handy, or at the very least Evernote so that I can jot down interesting ideas, or books or people referenced. When listening to episodes of the Tim Ferriss show for instance, a lot of high-quality information is thrown out that requires a more active approach to listening.

Check out some of the podcasts above, especially the ones that stick out to you. Sift through the archives of them and start listening.


(Image via Jonathan Rexford)