12 Common Misconceptions About Trump (Or How to Stump a Liberal)

The Trump Phenomena is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The circus surrounding his campaign has been going strong since last June and shows no signs of stopping.

It’s been interesting to listen to and participate in the dialogue surrounding the election. I’ve seen guys write about Trump who weren’t all too political before (e.g. Cernovich and Scott Adams) and I figure I’ll throw my hat in the ring as well.

I don’t think I’ll make political writing a regular thing, but it is of great interest to me. Outside my ‘Seth Rose’ umbrella I occasionally write foreign policy articles to. I enjoy writing about current affairs, but haven’t focused much on the domestic side–we’ll see.

I wanted to put together a piece that highlights the common arguments made by the jokers to the left and the cucks to the right in regards to Trump. I don’t think it’s a good idea to put a politician on a pedestal (even Trump), but I do support him and am tired of hearing the same rehashed, blatantly stupid arguments. Whether it’s on the mainstream media or your Facebook page these same ‘arguments’ continue to pop-up.

(Note: You can replace ‘Stump a Lib’ with ‘Stump a Cuck’ as they’re two peas in a pod).

1.) Trump is Racist

It’s been puzzling to watch Black Lives Matter protest so vehemently against Trump. Their justification is for his alleged racism, yet he has never said anything deprecating to Blacks as far as I know. In fact, he’s never said anything deprecating to a particular race of people (Illegal immigrants and Muslims aren’t races).

Stump a Lib: Ask your liberal friends to cite a single, specific example of Trump spewing racism. Watch them squirm.

2.) He’s a Protectionist. His Trade Policies Will Hurt the Economy.

Free trade is not a bad thing. The ability for countries to specialize to produce certain goods and import cheap goods can be beneficial for an economy. Additionally in the globalized world we live in free trade is an inevitability that will further connect the world.

A problem arises, however, when one country doesn’t play fair. In order for free trade to be beneficial to BOTH parties, both sides must work to reduce taxes, tariffs and other restrictions on trade. Trump keeps hammering away at China because they really do screw us over. They can freely export their goods to us, yet American businesses have to jump through many hurdles to export to China.

Stump a Lib: Mention  that both Trump and Bernie oppose existing loopholes in trade deals like NAFTA, and oppose further ones like TPP (Which is going to be horrible for the US). If they’re a #BernieBot they will likely give out a ‘Does Not Compute’ error. For a Hillary supporter, ask why she is in favor of trade deals that harm the American worker.

3.) He’s a Bad Businessman

trump vegas

Stump a Lib: “Get back to me when your name is on a building.”

If that snark doesn’t do it, mention that businesses routinely fail. Trump is worth billions of dollars, which didn’t happen magically. Nor did he inherit that money as some claim.

4.) He can’t Beat Hillary

Currently polls on Real Clear Politics show Trump getting routinely clobbered by HRC, and even worse by Sanders. Hillary is the likely candidate, so we’ll stick with her.

Trump was polling in single digits when starting, yet he slowly dismantled his competition and worked his way atop the polls. He will do the same with HRC. She is a flawed candidate. Her foreign policy was abysmal, and Trump will hammer away at that record linking it to the rise of terrorism in Europe.

Her email scandal won’t disappear either and taking millions from foreign dictators doesn’t look so good either.

Stump a Lib: At the end of the day, based on the electoral map, the election will come down to Ohio and Florida. Look at the numbers during the primary:

florida primar

ohio primaru

(Source: New York Times)

Trump got more votes head-to-head in Ohio than Hillary, and just a few less in Florida where he ran against three other opponents including an incumbent senator.

Additionally, I went to school in Ohio. Despite Trump losing to Kasich (the state’s governor), the people of Ohio are much more in line with Trump than HRC. His center-right policies, with ‘common-sense conservatism’ vibes well with a large portion of Ohioans.

As for Florida, Trump has a lot of business down there as well as connections. If the primary results are any indication of the general, he will win handily (by Florida margins).

5.) He Incites Violence

It’s simple:

No Protestors = No Violence.

If the people at Trump rallies were inherently violent then we’d see a FIGHT CLUB like event where Trump supporters duke it out with each other to release their frustration at Obama. This doesn’t happen…

The Trump supporters at his rallies are passionate people. The men are true Alphas and won’t bow their heads when a minority wants to kick and shout at a trump rally screaming #BlackLivesMatter. A few punches get thrown, oftentimes by the protester getting in someones’ face.

We saw a brutal beating of a protester at a rally in Arizona where a Trump supporter (who was black) beat a protester pretty good. I don’t excuse that behavior and I don’t believe Trump does either. That said, going into hostile territory, screaming at how the people there are ‘fascists’ is only asking for trouble. Out of the many thousands of people that support his rallies, it really doesn’t happen that often.

Stump a Lib: Ask a lib if they would go into the inner city (of your local urban metropolis) with a KKK robe. Shouldn’t the minorities be respectful and not attack you as it’s your right to free speech?

6.) He’s a Fascist

George Orwell wrote in 1944 that, “the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless … almost any English person would accept ‘bully’ as a synonym for ‘Fascist’“. It hasn’t changed since.

Calling Trump a fascist is just a pejorative akin to calling him a ‘racist’. It has no logical explanation.

Additionally, Trump has no political experience. Saying ‘He would be a dictator’ just because someone isn’t a cuck does not make sense as you have nothing to base that accusation off of.

Trump is indeed a nationalist, but a nationalist shouldn’t be compared to Mussolini.

Stump a Lib: Ask them to define ‘Fascist’.

7.) Billionaires Shouldn’t Be President

People don’t want a billionaire to be President… unless he believes what they do. Take Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine. He’s a multi-billionaire. I don’t think he’s a good leader, but Democrats and Republicans alike have gotten behind him. (1,2)

So why not Trump? If Trump moved a bit to the left, and ran as a Democrat, he’d be winning right now. Being a billionaire has nothing to do with the hate, his policies do.

Stump a Lib: If Mark Zuckerberg (or another leftist billionaire) ran for President, would his money be an issue?

8.) He Will Start Wars

Many libs associate a ‘politician’ talking with a bombastic voice as someone who will start more wars. Yet, Trump has repeatedly called for reducing foreign military conflicts, going so far as to question our involvement with NATO.

On the other hand, HRC has been much more aggressive. She has called for a ‘No-Fly Zone’ in Syria, which is blatantly a violation of international law, in addition to provoking conflict with Russia. Her track record as Secretary of State also shows that she is prone to meddling in the affairs of other nations.

Plus, as a globalist shill she will do the bidding of the international elite who could care less about the American people. This may involve starting wars.

Stump a Lib: Besides ‘Bombing the Hell Out of ISIS’, who has Trump threatened to attack? And why do you support Hillary’s rhetoric of being more aggressive towards Russia and China?

9.) He Wont Unite People

This country is more divided than it’s been in a long, long time. The fact that there is such outrage against Trump merely brought this divide to the surface. If elected, there will likely be a major protest by the far-left, but the rest of the country will unite then rally together to fight the Marxist-scourge.

Stump a Lib: Will HRC or Bernie unite people? Has Obama united people?

10.) He Would Befriend Dictators Like Putin

obama castro

Obama hanging with Raul Castro

With King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

With King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Again, the left only raises an issue when it’s done by someone they don’t like. HRC took money from Middle Eastern dictatorships who behead gays and stone women. No matter, she’s a liberal.

I don’t care who our Presidents befriend, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Stump a Lib: (Show those pictures to them). Ask them to explain why Obama supports these men.

11.) He Makes Clothes in China

Because the cost to produce goods in China is so low, making clothes in China is pretty much a given. It’s what he has to do to compete, or at least the private labels do.

But did you know Donald Trump’s campaign gear is made in the USA? People who are willing to buy Trump swag have no problem shelling out a few extra bucks for these products and to keep them here in the US. However, when someone is choosing between 50 different ties on a rack at Macy’s price is definitely a factor.

Stump a Lib: Look at their shirt tag. See where it’s from. Ask them why they support child labor and importing cheap clothing, when they are criticizing Trump for it.

12.) Trump Can’t Build a Wall. And Mexico Certainly Won’t Pay For It

Somehow people can’t wrap their minds around the idea of building a wall to secure a border. This is not a new concept and dates back thousands of years. More recently, countries like Israel have built walls to keep out Palestinian terrorists and some Central-European countries have built walls to keep out a flood of migrants.

In fact, look at the dramatic impact of Hungary’s wall had on migrant flows:

They easily just went around the wall to Croatia, but had Hungary entirely sealed off their borders, entry would have dropped to near zero.

Even if a wall will go through, the idea of Mexico paying for it sounds ludicrous to many. Yet, time and time again, Trump has pointed to the major imbalance of trade. Levying just a small tariff, tax or import quota would generate more than enough revenue over a few years to pay for the wall. The money saved from spending on illegals would drastically drop as well, covering those costs.


Stump a Lib: What’s the downside to building a wall? Besides cost, the American people having nothing to lose.

In Conclusion

The goal of this piece is to give you a few talking points when people bring up these same old arguments. Hopefully the help!

Remember: Arguing with people over politics is usually a losing battle, and I don’t recommend going out of your way to do so. However, if it is brought up directly to you, you will easily be able to counter them and maybe even have them stumping for Trump in the future.


  • Kyle

    I don’t know if you are supporting DT but the way politics are set in 2016 having someone who has zero experience would be disastrous, especially someone that does not have tough skin. I voted for Obama unfortunately was let down, as he was another bought politician. The money in politics is the root of evil in this country and for that reason I stand by Bernie. I enjoyed reading your points about DJT but I can’t stand to hear him bitch and whine and take offense to every little thing someone says about him. I consider myself an independent but 5 years ago I would have been all about trump like my southern friends. I like seeing the positive out of the negative but I just don’t see more positives with DJT than with sanders.

    What don’t you like about Bernie? Besides the bullshit socialist argument.

    • Seth Rose

      That’s a fair point. And thanks for posting a well thought out comment, instead of just saying “TRUMP IS RACIST”.

      First of all, yes I do support Trump. He is not a perfect candidate in terms of policy and personality, but I do think he is the best choice. Tbh while experience may play a role, I’d rather take someone with integrity and who speaks their mind than a well-tempered politician.

      As for Bernie, I don’t support him because I lean more towards the right. I do admire him for speaking his mind and not taking money (seemingly) from special interests, but I can’t agree with him at a fundamental level. I’m also quite scared of what would happen if he implemented his economic policies as I think it would really grind business to a halt and create a huge tax burden for many.

      Also, if you look at his positions and Trump’s they share similar ideas on many issues including: Not fighting more wars, against bad trade deals, and campaign finance reform (it seems Trump implicitly supports this). It’s one reason many Bernie supporters say they would support Trump over Hillary. Bernie and Trump are both nationalists; Hillary is a globalist. And a liberal who is a nationalist may see Trump as a better choice for their interests.

      As for the ‘Bullshit socialist argument’ I don’t think it’s bullshit, and not sure why you’d say that. He wants single-payer healthcare, punitive tax rates on the wealthy, free education, and more social services–sounds socialist to me.